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Software architecture for robustness and redundancy.

Distributed or centralised deployment ? Ancora is made up of several discrete software modules or components that can be deployed on a single computer – centralised, all the way up to a fully distributed over multiple machines communicating with each other via TCP/IP.


One Ancora “engine” operating control system, with device drivers, database, user interface and design application installed on the one computer. Less hardware therefore lower cost, easier to deploy and maintain.


The individual software components are “distributed” on several computers. More system resilience, can be maintain on a “live” system. Since Ancora uses industry standard control interfaces (COTS) like GPIO, serial and network these could be considered as distributed components.

* Future software release

design standards

Ancora’s software core has been designed to incorporate standards normally seen in a large enterprise-wide system where system resilience, modularity and security are paramount requirements. By implementing the latest software technologies, Ancora brings these essential values to a market previously excluded by price.

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Create great looking GUI and hardware control panel designs to suite your exacting requirements.

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Software architecture for robustness and redundancy.

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COTS - Industry standard interfaces