Two channels with wheel or T bar
Four channels with wheel or T bar
OLED or RGB panels
OLED or RGB panels

Avita Lite - The ideal solution for environments that need an integrated control panel for on-demand playout and ingest capabilities

Avita Lite is a compact version of our highly successful Avita system of software applications integrated with Array control panels.

Aimed at users who want great control of their video server from a compact control panel, running Avita Gearbox application and choice of Array control surfaces.

Pair with a 10 -inch 1024 x 768 resolution (optional) touch screen for the ultimate small footprint control surface. A larger display with a higher resolution will display more control channels.

Array - avita_and_array_panel.jpg

For details of control panels Array control panels

For details of software features Gearbox application

Avita Lite Highlights

  • Massive range of standard features, including:
  • Integrated control modules for standard server, disk, VTR and specific API over network or serial interface.
  • File Format independent.
  • Access up to the maximum number of channels licenced from a pool of all available channels.
  • User rights for system settings and clip management.
  • Settings and clip databases dynamically stored in non – volatile memory.
  • Drag and drop clips into playlists or user bins.
  • Local or remote SQL database for redundancy or file sharing between Avita’s.
  • Play clip as soon as recording started (server dependent).
  • GPIO to trigger over 50 functions.

See specification below

Optional add on control panels

Additional control panels can be added to further extend the functionality. Up to three additional Array panels can be added to make a single Array Surface.

uploads - Array-Avita-lite.png


Add additional OLED buttons and wheel to a T bar panel. Each high resolution OLED button is programmable for function from Avita lite.


20 high resolution OLED buttons programmable for function from Avita lite.


12 led RGB buttons programmable for function from Avita lite.


Add additional RGB buttons and T bar to a wheel panel. Each RGB button is programmable for function from Avita lite.


› Power supply – DC 12v supplied from external power supplies.

› Power consumption – 3.43 Amp.

› Dimensions – 138 (or 108 with display) x 87 x 230 (W x H x D mm).

› Temperature range – 10 °C to 35°C (50 °F to 95°F).

Note back view not representative of latest supplied computer

› Processor  – Intel® Core™ i5-8259U. 4 core i5 processor 2.30 Ghz

› Memory – 16Gb.

› Internal Drive – 256Gb SSD

› OS system – Win 10 IoT

Contact Hi Tech Systems for details.


Contact Hi Tech Systems for details.

Power supply x 1 with universal mains power input.

Operational manual accessed via support website.