4th October 2018

IBC 2019

IP Live Utility Integrator

Few video over IP devices accommodate all the production requirements of tallies, talkback, data and control. IP Live Utility Integrator provides this for remote productions connecting – audio, tallies, talkback, serially controlled devices, data sources and GPIOs. Comprising two identical units, configured as a local and a remote to interface to the appropriate devices in the remote and host facility by a web browser or control panel.


The very successful Avita production control system is on the stand – it integrates with any professional video server to provide the user with a number of different applications to suit almost any workflow. Avita really makes a video server work for an operator, something which the server manufacturer’s own GUIs often don’t – the user interface is clear, comprehensive and customisable.”

avita applications screenshot

Avita - Lite

Integrated Array control surface and general purpose play and record designed for 2 and 4 channels and smaller screen. The ideal solution for environments that need an integrated control panel for on-demand playout and ingest capabilities.

Unified broadcast control system. Control of multiple devices and supporting IP infrastructure - Ancora

Ancora provides a control system to integrate the control of multiple devices in an OB truck or facility and provides a unified operator interface for clarity and consistency. As the world of IP interconnectivity grows, then Ancora provides a bridge between legacy equipment and new generation hardware and software with a system that is configurable, easily modified or expanded by the customer without Hi Tech’s intervention.

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