19th March 2018

ip live utility integrator


Increasingly, broadcasters seek to reduce production costs and complexity by adopting remote production control from their base of an event. This obviates the cost of transporting all of the equipment and personnel to a venue and the advent of IP technology has enabled multiple levels of two-way communications possible from 4K/UHD feeds from cameras through to talkback back to the venue. There are numerous video and audio over IP devices, but few accommodate the other production requirements of tallies, talkback, data and control.

Hi Tech is launching a product for a major manufacturer that will provide just this for remote productions that require peripheral equipment to be used alongside main video and audio IP connections. The system will connect audio, tallies, talkback, serially controlled devices, data sources and equipment needing GPIOs at the remote location.

The Hi Tech system comprises two units, a local and a remote interface box that interfaces to the appropriate devices in the remote and host facility. The interface boxes are identical and are configured to be a remote studio location and local, by a web browser.


  • Two 1Gb network connections configured for bonding (link aggregation).
  • Works alongside video over IP devices.
  • Transport stream – AES67 (modified) for audio and talkback and AES67 data for other signals.
  • System configured and setup web interface.
    • Fast and easy setup, local setup automatically setups the remote.
    • Network status information e.g. packets sent and received for each signal.
    • Adjustable audio delay.
    • System adjustable for long network delays.
    • Built in tone generator for line up.
    • Built in tally and GPIO for local test setup.
    • Remote restart and software update.
    • System logs.
  • Integrates signals over IP using standard connectors
    • Serial ports – four (configured as RS232 and RS422).
    • GPIOs – up to forty.
    • Camera tallies, power, closing contacts – twelve.
    • Analogue audio channels – four or more using talkback channels.
    • Talkback – eight channels configured as two-wire, four-wire, RTS/CC.
  • Main and backup using standard 12-volt external power supplies.
  • Compact 1U half rack case.
  • Front panel OLED display and switches for network setup and status.


› Power supply – 2 x DC 12v supplied from external power supplies.

› Power consumption – 1.1 Amp plus additional 0.5 Amp if the tally power is used.

› Dimensions – 1U half rack, 220 x 44 x 398 (W x H x D).

› Temperature range – 10 °C to 35°C (50 °F to 95°F).

1Gb network connectors.

Data sample rate Approximately 0.75 Mbits / sec for each audio / talkback channel OR Approximately 10 Mbits / sec for everything sending.

› Transport stream – AES67 (modified)

› 3 x 50 way D type female.

› 2 x RJ45 – 1Gb network connectors.

› 2 x RJ45 – serial signals.

› 1 x 4 pin XLR Male – power input.

› 2 x 12 V power supplies with universal mains power input.

› 1 x Power “Y” lead to connect the power supplies to the unit.

› Operational manual accessed via web interface and support website.

Model name – IP Live Utility Integrator.

Part number – HT340

Description – IP Live Utility Integrator – interconnecting AES/EBU analogue audio (two channels/one stereo pair), 2W/4W talkback (four channels) and tally (twelve channels or six red / green camera tally) equipment with IP-based infrastructure. Two IP Live Utility Integrator units required for a system, one in each location.

Model name – IP Live Utility Integrator expansion board for HT340.

Part number – HT360

Description – IP Live Utility Integrator expansion board fits in HT350 – adds the following additional features – AES/EBU analogue audio (two channels/ one stereo pair), 2W/4W talkback (four channels), Serial – two connectors each can be configured as two RS422 or RS232 and GPIO channels (eight). One expansion board required for each system.

Model name – IP Live Utility Integrator GPIO expansion board for HT340.

Part number – HT370

Description – IP Live Utility Integrator expansion board fits in HT350 – adds the following additional features – Thirty-two bi directional GPIO channels (configured in GPIO pairs). One expansion board required for each system.


› 50 way D type male connector and low profile back connector (each). Part number – HT380

› Serial RS422 “Y” cable to two 9 way D type female connectors (each). Part number – HT381

› Rack ears to fit two IP Utility Integrators “side by side” into full 19 inch rack. Part number – HT382

› Rack ears to fit IP Utility Integrators  into full 19 inch rack. Part number – HT383

IP Live utility Integrator system
IP Live utility Integrator details

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