12th December 2017

Array control surface

Array configurable control panels
several panel designs available
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Ergonomic design
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One connector interface
Single network and USB interface for up to four panels
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Panels join together with magnets
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Your workflow, your desk space

We offer unrivalled flexibility to build a control surface to suit you. Replace multiple panels with just one that you define, and using a simple SDK to control your application or hardware – Easy.

  • Releases desk space and provides a clear and easy way to access only the functions that you require
  • Up to four panels of any combination can be joined together
  • Electrical and data connections between panels via data bus
  • Ability to change panel configuration from production to production
  • Bright and clear OLED displays and keys
  • Connectivity – USB, network, RS422 (via network to serial box) and GPI (via network to GPI box)
  • High quality components – switches, wheel and T bar
  • Computer for running our production control software Avita Lite
  • Contemporary design
  • Innovative way panels are joined and locked together – no tools required
  • Made from steel with a highly durable finish and fitted with machined aluminum side cheeks and display bezel
  • Ergonomic layout with keys and displays angled toward the user by means of tapered design when multiple panels are joined together

Please arrange for a demonstration

Array - array_oled_drawing_1.png
Array - array_oled_drawing_4.png
Array - array_oled_drawing_5.png
Array - array_oled_drawing_3.png
Array - array_oled_drawing_2.png
Array - array_configuration.png

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