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Hi Tech Systems has been a pioneer and innovator for over 30 years.

Hi Tech Comptometer: gorgeous Steampunk AV controller [Video]

Chris Davies – Oct 1, 2009, 4:17am CDT


You’ve got to give Hi Tech Systems some credit for effort: to help their broadcast video controllers stand out at a recent industry expo, they put together the Comptometer, a Steampunk-styled console which, so the backstory goes, gives access to 1930s broadcast footage.  The controller is full of nixie tubes, brass buttons and analog dials, and a rather loveable “test calibration” system made up of tiny clacking hammers.


The Comptometer can hold up to decade’s worth of broadcasting, “provided we’re looking at the evening news, the late evening news and the King’s speech.”  Best of all, inside the Bakelite and wood casing there’s a real controller that could be used with modern day broadcast equipment.

And the (make-believe) price?  A mere 25 guineas, though sadly we’ve a feeling if you approach Hi Tech for one of your own, they may direct you to the rather more mundane designs of their regular catalog.

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Graphical user interface control system

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Patent descriptionMethod of controlling a graphical user interface (GUI) from a remote hardware remote control panel or panels.
This invention relates to
The remote control of computer systems that run GUI applications on operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac (OSX), and specifically applications that have buttons and slider controls that the user is required to operate to effect an operation.

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Patent dateFiled Nov 13, 2009  Patent issuer and numbergb GB2465745 (A)

Patent descriptionAbstract of GB 2465745 (A)
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The invention provides a configurable control system 300 and method of controlling a graphical user interface 310, 350. The graphical user interface comprises a graphical user interface application 350 installed on a computer 320, and an associated graphical user interface display 310. The configurable control system 300 comprises: a configurable hardware panel 380, the configurable hardware panel 380 being connectable to the computer 320; and a local application 370 for installation on the computer 320. The local application is adapted to: configure the configurable hardware panel 380; and provide communication between the configurable hardware panel 380 and the graphical user interface 310, 350. The invention allows a user to configure a hardware panel, without requiring programming skills. The invention may provide simultaneous control, from one configurable hardware panel 380, of multiple graphical user interfaces running on one or more computers

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