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Eventer - Multi-camera live record and review.

Configurable for either multi-channel servers for live event applications in studio or sports productions or with multiple VTR replacement disc recorders such as BlackMagic Hyperdeck or AJA K1Pro for post event analysis.

Control up to 10 channels for record and/or play. Rapid capture of live multi-camera events with immediate review and playback. Easy and clear selection of channels for record or play. Shots can be tagged and re-called by keyword, symbol or rating. Thumbnails can be associated with cues for visual event recognition (dependent on server). Organising your clip media using search tools, user bins and playlists as a list or tree view.

Sports coverage

Replay the right shots and the right angles and add slow motion using one of our configurable control panels with a touch screen and a T-Bar control module. An integrated hardware shot box is available to select the last recorded camera angle available on dedicated keys. Always-on recording runs in the background allowing the operator to focus on playback and live/playback switching. Highlights packages can be swiftly and efficiently built by dragging and dropping cues into a play list.

Eventer Highlights

Avita Standard Features

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  • Massive range of standard features, including:
  • Clear display of clip status, duration, countdown and audio countdown.
  • Settings and clip databases dynamically stored in non – volatile memory.
  • Import and export playlists.
  • As run logs.
  • Extensive clip database search facilities.
  • Drag and drop clips into playlists or user bins.
  • Local or remote SQL database for redundancy or file sharing between Avita’s.
  • Play clip as soon as recording started (server dependent).
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  • Versatile – Integrated control modules for standard server, disk, VTR and specific API over network or serial interface.
  • File Format independent.
  • Access up to the maximum number of channels licenced from a pool of all available channels.
  • User rights for system settings and clip management.
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  • Multi Channel or Multi operator – control several server channels per Avita of any available server device on the network, can be extended to over 20 channels from any one Avita engine.
  • Server channels can be on different servers from different manufacturers.
  • Group and lock channels for ingest or play.
  • “Channel in use’ warning on other operator panels.
avita - avita-agile.png
  • Agile – Quick to learn and use.
  • Extensive help screens built into GUI​.
avita - avita-Video-playerr.png
  • Video player – Preview server clips without using a server channel.
avita - avita-touch.png
  • GUI designed for touch screen.
  • Clips can be manually or automatically cued and played from a play list.
avita - avita-config.png
  • Fully configurable interface – User configurable GUI layout and multi screen capability.
avita - avita-tabbing.png
  • Intuitive GUI Tabbing panels utilises space using on screen transport controls, text and numeric keypads.
avita - avita-hardware.png
  • Large choice of hardware control panel options.
  • Range of optional hardware control panels: Configurable by the operator in Avita settings​.
  • Optional GPI/Os​
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  • Audio track swapping.
  • File flattening – combine clips into one clip.
  • File splitting – break up very long clips into smaller files.
  • Support for upto 10 folders.
  • Play list can be in Avita or in the server.
  • Metadata generation

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