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Gearbox - The ideal solution for live control environments that need on-demand playout and ingest capabilities.

Gearbox enhances manual control of “best of breed” video servers by consolidating complex functions into simple buttons on a touchscreen user interface. The interface may be as simple or as sophisticated as an operator requires, and provides effortless control of the on-air playout chain.

Easy drag and drop play list construction. Automation “Time Of Day” or manual “shot box” style clip play-out modes. Organise your clip media using search tools, user bins, playlists as a list or tree view. Multi channel ingest with metadata input. Simultaneously control of over 20 server and/or VTR channels, any combination of recorders or players. Execute instant replays using growing video files. Choose a range of operator control panels to access multiple server channels on a network. Create “as-run” logs and XML import and export of data. Integrated into MultiPlay, Scheduler, Eventer and Differential as ‘side channels’.

Gearbox Highlights

Avita Standard Features

avita - avita-versitile.png
  • Massive range of standard features, including:
  • Integrated control modules for standard server, disk, VTR and specific API over network or serial interface.
  • File Format independent.
  • Access up to the maximum number of channels licenced from a pool of all available channels.
  • User rights for system settings and clip management.
  • Settings and clip databases dynamically stored in non – volatile memory.
  • Drag and drop clips into playlists or user bins.
  • Local or remote SQL database for redundancy or file sharing between Avita’s.
  • Play clip as soon as recording started (server dependent).
  • GPIO to trigger over 50 functions.
avita - avita-simulatious.png
  • Multi Channel or Multi operator – control several server channels per Avita of any available server device on the network, can be extended to over 20 channels from any one Avita engine.
  • Server channels can be on different servers from different manufacturers.
  • Group and lock channels for ingest or play.
  • “Channel in use’ warning on other operator panels.
avita - avita-agile.png
  • Agile – Quick to learn and use. Extensive help screens built into GUI​.
avita - avita-touch.png
  • GUI designed for touch screen.
avita - avita-config.png
  • Fully configurable interface – User configurable GUI layout and multi screen capability.
uploads - avita-api.png
  • Audio track swapping.
  • File flattening – combine clips into one clip.
  • File splitting – break up very long clips into smaller files.
  • Support for upto 10 folders.
  • Play list can be in Avita or in the server.
  • Metadata generation

Drag and drop clip playback and transport controls - shotbox mode

  • Clear display of clip status, duration, countdown and audio countdown.
  • Video “scrub” bar
  • Import, export, and save a playlist
  • Output “As run logs”.

Automation playback mode

  • Choose different playback modes
  • Visualise as a timeline
  • Add, remove and move clips in the playlist
  • Hide played clips to air
  • Skip clips
  • Change displayed time remaining for current or all clips
  •  Turn on/off auto-scrolling


Clip editing

  • Trim clips
  • Make sub clips
  • Remove clips from playlists
  • Delete clips from server

Extensive clip database search facilities

  • Search by clip name, date range, and metadata.
  • Rename and delete clips
  • Save searches in user bins
  • Click on a clip to play in a designated playback channel or video PV window

Video preview window without using video server channel

  • Change the size of the window
  • Audio playback
  • Program where video files are played from

Crash recording

  • Programme system clip name
  • Group channels for multi channel recording

Named recording and metadata

  • Create placeholders
  • Use playback channel to automatically play a recording.

Options and applications

User guides and manuals can be downloaded from our support website

Download all

Control panel options

Array is a modular system of control panels that can be joined in any combination to form a control surface. The panels are magnetically connected and use a database connects for power and communication. Anita integrates seamlessly with the Array system to provide remote control Surfaces or indeed a platform for the installation of Avita. The Array Surfaces are configured using Avita and comprise a number of button, display and tactile control options.

Some examples of Array control options that can be added to any Avita system. Any four indvidual Array panels can be joined together to make a single Array Surface, and up to six Array Surfaces can be used with any Avita system.  Please see the brochure for full range of options:

Array - Array-panels-for-Avita.png

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