HT884 4-channel and HT888 8-channel controller

Functions you require where and when you want them, meets the rigorous demands of production companies, studios and post facilities – in the gallery, on OBs and in post-production. It delivers significant operational benefits and economies, reducing production times and increasing operator efficiency.


HT888 VTR controller

HT884c 4-channel and HT888c 8-channel Cue controllers

The HT800c Cue Controller series has been optimised for the record and play-in requirements of multiple VTRs or DDRs (Digital Disk Recorders) in studio, MCR or outside broadcast operations.

Features as HT884 plus

HT884c cue VTR controller

HT884s 4-channel and HT888s 8-channel Sport controllers

Slow Motion controller – versatile production control with instant slow motion replay. The HT800s series are versatile production controllers for the coverage and packaging of live broadcasting events, that require instant replay in slow motion. The HT800s series Slow Motion Controller has been optimised for controllable instant slow motion replay for DDRs (disk recorders) and VTRs., designed for speedy and convenient control of VTR and disk based systems.

Features as HT884 plus

HT884s sports VTR controller


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HT211 VTR controller

VTR control 1 and 2 channels

Stylish and cost effective. They have a small footprint console and are ideally suited for use in cluttered production areas. A custom designed heavy metal jog/shuttle wheel and transport keys with status LEDs provide smooth and accurate machine control.

HT888 VTR controller

VTR control 4 and 8 channels

Multi channel controllers A range of Dynamic VTR Controllers. These offer direct control of 4 or 8 VTRs for jog, shuttle, cue and play operations.

HT252 disk controller

Disk control panels

Dual Clip Controller, features compact control of two server ports with clip management tools to make the most of a server’s record and replay capabilities. Operators no longer have to rely on a front panel user interface to select, load and play clips in a live environment – which can be fraught with disaster.

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