At Hi Tech Systems we understand our obligation to ensure that the data we hold on our customers is managed professionally and in compliance with the various data protection laws around the world. This privacy statement explains how we collect, store and use your personal contact information.


With the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union (EU) we have set up an internal system to ensure that everything we do with your data is not only compliant with the regulations but is the right thing to do. Like you, we do not want unsolicited emails or correspondence from companies where we either have no interest or to whom we have specifically requested not to receive marketing communication.

Some of our initiatives are:

  • GDPR & data privacy regular review.
  • Audit: Identifying Personally Identifiable Information & documenting how we gather and hold this information.
  • Assessing and ensuring any third parties comply with relevant data protection regulations.
  • Ensuring that we are transparent with you, our customers, in how we use your personal data.
  • Maintaining procedures that allow our customers to exercise their rights
  • Creating and executing a Privacy Impact Assessment.
  • Maintaining processes for actual or potential data breach notifications.
  • On-going employee awareness for continual compliance.

Click here to contact the Hi Tech Systems data compliance officer.

Collection of personal data you submit

You have the option within this website to give us your personal contact information so that we can send you further information such as newsletters, event invitations or marketing emails about our products & services.

When submitting a request or enquiry by entering your details in the fields requested, you are giving permission for Hi Tech Systems to provide you with the services and information that you have requested. The personal information you provide will only be used by Hi Tech Systems (sometimes via our service provider purely to transmit the information) and will not be disclosed to anyone else unless we are obliged by law to do so.

If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on this site, we may use the information we hold about you to stop such behaviour.

By submitting your personal contact information through this website, you shall be consenting to it being processed in the manner described above by Hi Tech Systems. If you have submitted personal contact information through this website and would like us to stop using it for the purposes submitted, our email marketing communications offer you the option to unsubscribe.

Third parties

Hi Tech Systems will not disclose any personal contact information that you give us to any third party, apart from our nominated service provider, without your consent. In connection with any application, request or enquiry you make, your information will be passed directly to the relevant contact within Hi Tech Systems.

Your data may be stored on a third party application but we will ensure that the application complies with all necessary data protection laws.

Marketing emails

We use a marketing service provider to deliver our outbound marketing emails and newsletters.

It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that this company is committed to data protection and GDPR compliance.  Any of your personal contact information that is stored with this service provider will be done so securely and in compliance with the required data protection regulations.

If your personal contact information is on our database then this is because we have had some contact with you at a tradeshow, event or via other Hi Tech Systems marketing activities. Hi Tech Systems does not purchase third party email databases and it is never our intention to communication with people who have not given us explicit permission to do so. Hi Tech Systems does not send ‘spam’ emails and our outgoing marketing emails & newsletters will generally be less than 2 or 3 per month.


The information which we collect and store during normal use of the website is used to monitor and analyse how parts of our website are accessed. This does not result in any personally identifiable data being collected or stored. For more information, please see our cookies page.