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A unified facility wide system for the control of multiple broadcast devices and their supporting IP infrastructure

“There are a number of facility-wide control systems available from relatively basic to enterprise-wide sophisticated packages  –  Ancora is agnostic and allows users to build “best of breed” systems without the inhibitions inherent in vendor specific control solutions. Ancora stands out as being easy to use, configure, deploy and interface.”

Ancora can simplify complex or awkward workflows that utilise single or multiple devices from one or more control surfaces.

Hi Tech has implemented a range of manufacturer’s interface protocols and has a growing portfolio of these as Ancora is rolled out.

From router – large and small, CG, multi-viewer, video server, switcher or under monitor display we’ve got it controlled.

Key benefits are removing operational inefficiencies by:

Create great looking GUI and hardware control panel designs.

Remove operational inefficiencies using only the controls required for the job. Create assorted designs for different uses – control rooms may be used for different purposes during the day. GUIs simply run as a client on virtually any Windows PC. Security is provided with login credentials.

  • Cost effective and ideal for small to medium facilities.
  • Easily programmed, managed and modified by the customer.
  • Scalable as system requirements grow.
  • Independent of the manufacturers’ equipment that it controls.
  • Easily deployed on Windows devices
  • Use any of the Array desktop or rack mount control panels.
  • Drag components onto the GUI or hardware control panel.
Process automation

Automate tasks using the custom rules driven logic system. Rules are created using three simple sets of rule type:

  • Inputs – for example GPI, or taken from the status of a connected device.
  • Logic operators – looking for a change in state or a value.
  • Outputs – for example GPO, change a cross point, send a keyboard shortcut.
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Software architecture for robustness and redundancy.

“Distributed or centralised deployment ? Ancora is made up of several discrete software modules or components that can be deployed on a single computer – centralised, all the way up to a fully distributed over multiple machines communicating with each other via TCP/IP.”

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One Ancora “engine” operating control system, with device drivers, database, user interface and design application installed on the one computer. Less hardware therefore lower cost, easier to deploy and maintain.


The individual software components are “distributed” on several computers. More system resilience, can be maintain on a “live” system. Since Ancora uses industry standard control interfaces (COTS) like GPIO, serial and network these could be considered as distributed components.

* Future software release

Industry standard interfaces using IP based products.

“Interoperability of all of your equipment.”

Industry standard IT components are used for GPIO, serial and network connectivity – to connect to tally systems, production switchers, graphics devices, SFPs multi-viewers, servers, DDRs, control panels and routers.

Keeping costs down and deploying the interface close to the device being controlled rather than in a single box with single point of failure.

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