15th December 2017

Avita broadcast software production control system

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Powerful Suite of applications and tools for Server Play-out and Ingest

Avita is a broadcast software production control system that comprises a number of software applications augmented by a range of configurable hardware control panel options. The system is highly expandable and has several software extensions such as a MOS interface, multiple server port control from one panel, scheduled play and record, logging and highlights applications, tape archive ingest and automated play out from single or multiple ports.

Avita can be supplied in a dedicated industrial PC chassis, as a software only version, or integrated into one of our range of Array panels.

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Our general purpose play and record tools for up to 16 channels.
ABCD playlist style playout and news integration.
Schedule automatic recording and playback.
Integrated Array control surface and general purpose play and record designed for 2 and 4 channels and smaller screen
Multi-camera live record and review
Multi record for ISO studio camera recording
Tape ingest / record to tape and clip archive.
Server channel status for gallery

Avita Application notes

Avita integrates with

partners - logo-ap-enps.png
partners - logo-avid.png
  • iNews NRCS
partners - logo-octopus.png
  • Octopus NRCS
partners - harmonic.png
  •  Harmonic servers
partners - logo-green-valley.png
  • GVG Servers
partners - imagine.png
  • Imagine servers
partners - logo-sony.png
  • Sony Servers.
partners - Rohde-Schwarz1.png
  • DVS servers
partners - logo-green-valley.png
  • Quantel servers
partners - logo-ross.png
  •  Ross servers
partners - logo-dalet.png
  •  Dalet servers
partners - evs.png
  •  EVS servers
  •  BlackMagic disk recorders
  •  AJA disk recorders
avita - avita-Video-playerr.png
  •  DDRs
avita - avita-Video-playerr.png
  •  VTRs

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